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        Rolled ball screw

        Keywords: ball srew bearing/double nut ball screw/single ball screw

        Ball screw (ballscrew):

        we supply Ball Screws nuts at a full range of high performance, cost effective, and precision for all applications. Ballscrews are critical components in machine tools and production machinery.

        Features Include:

        Long operating life, High lead accuracy to C3 and C5 standards,

        Fast delivery on many models.

        Material and Heat Treatment

        Material and Heat Treatment
        ItemMaterialHeat TreatmentHardness
        Induction Heating HardeningHRC 58° ~ 62°
        NutSCM415Carbonizing HardeningHRC 58° ~ 62°
        Stell BallSUJ2
        HRC 60° Up


        Process type:       Rolled grade or grounded grade is available

        Type of Nuts:       SFU, SFT, SFE, DFU, DFI etc.

        Size of screw shaft:  1204, 1205,1605, 1610, 1616, 2005, 2010, 2040, 2505, 2510,4005, 4010 etc.


        IT industry, automobiles, household appliances, machine tools, railways, steel, engineering machinery, petrochemical machinery. Widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, automation equipment, laser equipment, medical equipment and other fields.

        1) Customized according to your sample or drawing or demands 

        2) High quality, competitive price 

        3) Brand name: According to each other customers requests to engrave it on the products 

        4) ISO9001: 2000 certificated 

        5) Pure-hearted services 

        6) Flexible minimum order quantity 

        7) All of our products are wildly used in Metallurgy Industry, Iron & Steel Industry, Petroleum Industry, Chemical Industry and Paper Making, such as metal machinery, rolling mills, mill machines, cranes, non ferrous metal, oil machinery, and plastic machines. 

        8) Contact us for more information.


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